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We are a group of local businesses and community members who have joined together to promote the Ottertail Community through coordinated events and also through "keeping it local" efforts, promoting a healthy "local" economy by supporting "local" businesses.

Located in West Central Minnesota, Ottertail is a small community that is home to hundreds of lakes in the area and attracts thousands and thousands of vacationers and summer cabin residents.

OTBCA coordinates many city events such as: Easter Egg Hunt, Otterfest, Otterdazzle, Beautification of Ottertail.

In addition to our own events we also support other organization events such as: Community Auction (Auction Committee), Summer Concerts (City of Ottertail), Polka Daze (Lions), Mardi Gras (Lions), and Pumpkin Fest (Williams Company Store).

We are always inviting new members to join our roster to increase the combined efforts of helping at each of our organized, annual events, in addition to adding new events and activities to the local area. Please click here to learn more about the OTCBA or how to become a member.

Download various forms on the Contact Page.

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